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Online Metronome – www.webmetronome.com/

Build your own http://cigarboxguitars.com/resources/how-to-build-a-cigar-box-guitar

Great Jazz theory articles http://tomlippincott.com/articles.htm

Guitar fretboard diagram printer metronome and loads more cool stuff http://www.studybass.com/tools/chord-scale-note-printer/

Excellent Bristol Music shop http://www.hobgoblin.com

Articles, books and all things guitar http://onlineguitarlessons.co.uk/



If you have the money and don’t like to change you strings too often something like Elixir are a really good idea. They do cost more money but will last significantly longer. These are for the acoustic but they are available for electric as well

Elixir acoustic strings

Otherwise, if you like the fresh string sound and feel and don’t mind changing them more frequently, D’Addario are a popular and reliable brand. If in doubt a set of 10’s is good for most electric styles. This means the top string gauge is measured at .010. Acoustic strings need to be slightly heavier but if you are fairly novice a set of 11’s are considered light and will be easy going on your fingers. The heavier you go the richer the tone they will produce but they will, inevitably, be slightly harder to push down.

D’AddarioElectric Guitar Strings

A string winder is not essential but does speed up the process of restringing and they cost peanuts.

String winder


Effects pedals can be a lot of fun but they are no substitute for practice and unless they really are the essence of your sound can, ultimately, be a distraction. The only pedal which could be described as anything like approaching essential for guitar students would be a loop pedal. Strum out the chords and jam over the top as they loop away behind you. Yes you can use backing tracks and apps but then you don’t get to practice your rhythm as well. Loop pedals will help you develop your timing and are a fantastic device to inspire creativity. Boss make some great loop pedals, like this one…

RC3 Loop station

however there are far simpler loop pedals available if you are not technically minded and are not likely to be using any of the superfluous features.


If you are into software recording, Pro-tools is a popular choice







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